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Moving from preschool to school

As soon as you’ve decided which school your child will be attending:

• Contact the school and make an appointment to enrol your child.
• Let the staff at your preschool or kindergarten know. They will then arrange a program to help your child get used to that school.
• With your permission, the preschool will give the reception teacher and school principal information about your child’s learning progress and needs to help with planning.
• If your child does not attend a preschool contact the school directly to arrange for your child to be a part of their transition to school program.

Transitioning to primary school

Before starting school, children are invited to visit our school so they can become familiar with it.

The transition to school program includes:
• regular visits to the school over a period of weeks
• walks around the school grounds and find out where things are, for example, the toilets and playground
• spending time in a classroom with a teacher and other students
• going to school events such as assembly, library visits, or performances
• opportunities to develop relationships with other children and teachers.

It includes opportunities for parents to:
• become familiar with the school and its policies
• meet some staff members
• ask questions

Transition from Year 7 to Secondary School

Students in the middle years have the opportunity to visit the local secondary schools on their open days. Parents are encouraged to attend these visits to make informed decisions about their child’s secondary needs. Students also attend a further 1.5 days at local Secondary Schools to get a taste of what to expect.

Wandana CPC-7 School has excellent state schools in the surrounding areas. These are Windsor Gardens Secondary College, Valley View Secondary School, Roma Mitchell Secondary College and The Heights School. These schools offer unique programs that cater for a variety of student needs. These include sports, science, maths, music, performing arts, digital technologies, university pathways and languages.

Wandana works in partnership with these local Secondary Schools, and year 6/7 students attend sporting days and other special events that are run by the students of that Secondary School. Students also attend lessons run by Secondary School teachers which assist students in their transition to Secondary School.

Year 8 transition and enrolments take place in April/May of each year. Parents are required to complete the required DECD forms and return them back to the school’s bursar on the date stated. Parents who are requiring a secondary school outside of their zone for their child need to address the criteria indicated in the enrolment pack. Support for this is available from the leadership team at Wandana. It is also a requirement that parents sending their children to a private school return the enrolment pack with the notice to inform DECD that they will be enrolling at a private school.

Parents and students are notified by DECD of their child’s secondary school placement in late August. There is an appeal process.

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