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Wandana Preschool

At Wandana School we are focused on creating a collaborative, respectful and inclusive learning environment where all students are supported to achieve their full potential to become successful independent learners, and where we work together as a whole community to ensure the best learning outcomes possible.

Wandana Preschool is a school-based facility within Wandana Primary School. We have a strong family focus. We strive to create a welcoming atmosphere, which includes all members of the family in our service. We value the parents and caregivers of our students as the primary educators of their children, and aim to build on the lifetime of learning each child has experienced within the family prior to their enrolment with us.

The complex multicultural nature of our group and the challenges this presents leads to our literacy focus of comprehension being driven through oral language development and scaffolding of English language both oral and written, around hands-on experiences which engage all the senses.

We use a holistic approach to help children develop as independent, connected learners who have a strong sense of individual and group identity, and who are actively involved in shaping their learning. We maximise the use of the indoor, outdoor and wider school environments to provide challenging learning opportunities for all children and enhance a strong sense of wellbeing and self-confidence. Throughout 2015 we will be redeveloping our outdoor learning space with a nature play focus.

We encourage a sense of group identity through building trusting relationships with each child, and supporting the development of their social skills with each other in a positive and respectful manner. We include regular small group work and community celebrations involving children in the preparations to foster their feeling of belonging.

We work to establish strong, respectful relationships with the families, to find out as much as possible about our students’ needs, cultural aspects, interests and strengths. We value learning from our families about the richness of cultural diversity and expression in our children’s home lives. We value and honour our centre as a place of welcome which reflects the variety of experiences and cultural understandings our families bring to our community, and which creates networks of friendship and involvement between the diverse members of the group.


In 2013 we were one of 4 preschools in Australia who successfully applied for and awarded the highest rating of excellence by the Australian Children’s Education Care Quality Authority (ACEQA)

Learning through Play

Play is the vehicle for all learning in our centre. Our curriculum allows for discovery and exploration, fostering learning through a wide range of experiences, both child–initiated and teacher-driven, always working in partnership with the families of our students.
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