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Additional Programs

Students at Wandana are involved in sporting clinics such as Hot Shots Tennis, Cricket, Soccer, Football, Netball and Basketball.

Student Wellbeing Committee organises and run playtime competitions each term. Some of the competitions have included basketball, Hot Shots tennis, netball, kickball and indoor soccer.

Students have participated in Hot Shots tennis at Memorial Drive, soccer carnivals and netball competitions.

Wandana students are involved in Saturday morning football coordinated by North Adelaide Football Club. Mixed teams of boys and girls play in Year 2/3, Year 4/5 and Year6/7 competitions. In addition to this, students compete in 9 A-side football competitions in Term 3 at North Adelaide. Wandana teams participate in Little League (AFL half time games) and Mini League (SANFL half time games)

Wandana also has Auskick clinics organised as part of playtime activities. Players have been fortunate to participate in Auskick at Adelaide Oval.

Children’s University

Wandana is part of ‘Children’s University’ which provides high quality, voluntary educational experiences for children from years 3-7 outside the normal school day, at weekends and during the holidays. Students choose which activities they would like to participate in at the school and beyond and collect stamps in their Passport to Learning as they go. They are rewarded for their participation with certificates presented at formal ceremonies at Bonython Hall at the University of Adelaide. Children graduate in caps and gowns just like the adults do and celebrate their achievements with friends, family and teachers.

Further information can be found at: http://childrensuniversity.com.au/

Labs ‘n Life

Labs ‘n Life involves students working and training a Labrador over a term, semester or year and provides them with the opportunity to experience success and gain confidence whilst learning how to build relationships. Work with the Labs ‘n Life “magicians” – the dogs – has consistently produced an increase in attendance and improved learning outcomes for the students.


Students from years 5-7 are invited to be a part of our choir, with practice sessions running once each week. The choir is part of The Festival of Music, which is a school-based music education program brought to you by the SA Public Primary Schools’ Music Society and the Department for Education and Child Development.

This program started back in 1891 and reaches thousands of primary and secondary children annually; allowing children opportunities to perform at prestigious venues, such as the Adelaide Festival Theatre.

The next Adelaide Festival performance is to be held between the 8th and 18th of September 2015. It will be the 120th series and 124th year since inception.

English as an additional language or dialect (EALD)

Our EALD teacher supports students in small groups to access the curriculum more fully. We focus especially on literacy by developing strong reading skills, including oral language (discussing texts), phonemic awareness, phonological knowledge (sight words, diagraphs), vocabulary development, fluency and comprehension. We believe reading is at the root of all learning.

In-School Psychology

In-School Psychology provides free psychological services to children, adolescents and their families. Our In-School Psychologist, Nicole Letch, is a qualified teacher and psychologist, with over 20 years’ experience. She helps students who may be struggling with some aspect of their lives, from feeling anxious or depressed, to experiencing bullying, making and keeping friends or having difficulties controlling their anger. It can help them recover, and also help prevent reoccurrence. Nicole is based at Wandana and works closely with the student, their family and the school.

This service is free of charge, as the service is bulk billed to Medicare for eligible clients.

Garden, Chickens and Kitchen

We are very proud of the facilities at Wandana. We have an outstanding garden with chickens and a goose names Lucy. Our students manage the garden and chickens. We also have a state of the art kitchen with four working stations for children to take the harvested vegetables into the kitchen to cook.

The kitchen is also the hub of our school for families to meet and chat. Families come in and help cut up fruit for free fruit days.


During 2014, our whole school participated in Cirkidz training sessions once a week for one term. Students then auditioned to be in our combined schools troupe.

The troupe went on to train together for the rest of the year and performed 5 outstanding performances at the end of the year.

Uni SA conducted a study on the effects of Cirkidz training on students’ attention and overall academic achievement. We will be given the draft report early in 2015.

Cirkidz is an opportunity for students to learn new things. Students learn about taking risks in a safe environment and trying out new movements that they wouldn’t otherwise try.

In 2015 we will have two combined troupes (20 students from Wandana and 20 students from Para Vista Primary School). They will attend a 90 minute training session each a week.

The program:

  • Enables students to learn about and use language in a kinaesthetic way
  • Enables students to practise using executive function skills

It also supports students to:

  • Build purposeful relationships with community partners, families and students
  • Become community citizens
  • Experience success by learning through experience
  • Celebrate together building a sense of pride and shared experience

Please take the time to look at the youtube clip about the success of the program.

Another example of Wandana students being given the opportunity to learn through experience.

Student Voice

Student voice allows students to have a say about what goes on at their school and be active participants in the school community. Student voice helps students to participate in and contribute to a number of processes at school, including:

  • decision making in a variety of areas like curriculum planning and school community values
  • forming a student-led Action Team to research and develop strategies to improve the school community
  • providing feedback about teaching and learning at the school.

Children spend a lot of time at school. After the family, school has the most significant influence on child development, so making students’ time at school enjoyable and worthwhile supports their mental health and wellbeing. Part of this process involves supporting students to be active contributors to their own learning. The sense of belonging, positive relationships and improved self-esteem achieved when children are active contributors in their school community are significant protective factors that support their mental health and wellbeing now and in the future.

Students have class meetings each week. From this, 2 class chosen representatives come to a Student Voice meeting each week with their classes ideas. Ideas are discussed and decisions are then made. Student Voice have run school discos, assisted at school events, run lunch-time activities, fund-raised and are currently looking at getting new equipment for the playground.

Community Based Activities

Community Based Activities run each week for 45 minutes. Students break up into small groups and work with a staff member around something of interest to them. These groups are based upon the Australian Curriculum General Capabilities. They encompass skills, behaviours and dispositions that support students in becoming successful learners, confident and creative individuals and active and informed citizens.

Some of our activities include cooking, Student Voice, ICT, Italian, sports, and gardening.

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