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Statement of Philosophy

At Wandana Preschool we are focused on working together as a community to provide a collaborative, respectful and inclusive environment where all students are supported to achieve their full potential. We aim to provide an enriched, play based, learning environment where all children can develop their executive functions and dispositions for learning so that they can become successful independent learners allowing them to be the best learner they can be.

Play is the vehicle for all learning in out centre. Our curriculum allows for discovery and exploration, fostering learning through a wide range of experiences, both child-initiated and teacher-driven, always working in partnership with the families of our students and creating a safe and inclusive environment.

We have a strong family focus. We aim to establish strong, respectful relationships with our families, striving to create an atmosphere which is welcoming and encourages interactions and partnerships between educators, families and the wider community.

We value and recognise parents and caregivers of our students as the primary educators of their children, and aim to build on the learning each child has experienced within the family prior to their enrolment with us.

We also value opportunities for children to understand Australia's rich indigenous history, it's cultural diversity and the importance of being inclusive and respectful to all.

We are strong advocates of the benefits of Nature Play for children; we encourage outdoor play and engagement with the natural world every day. We recognise that children need the opportunities to connect to the natural world, enable their natural ways of growing , learning and thriving while fostering an understanding and respect for the environment.